Over a period exceeding 20 years, Ms. Phillips has represented corporations and agencies through the offices of the various New York City General Counsel and law departments on all aspects of employment and labor law. Her career highlights include serving as senior counsel and employment law specialist with extensive experience in human resource and employee relations management. She has experience advising managers and senior staff on issues requiring strategic problem solving, legal case management, defense strategy and legal analysis of employment law matters, particularly with respect to employment law areas encompassing Title VII discrimination claims, sexual harassment and disability issues. Ms. Phillips has developed an expertise in employee investigations, litigation analysis, mediation and arbitration strategy.

In her role as employment counsel with Trans World Airlines, Inc., the New York Stock Exchange Enforcement Division, and Morgan Stanley, and as the Assistant Commissioner of Equal Employment Opportunity for the City of New York Fire Department, Ms. Phillips has advised Agency managers and senior executives on internal and external employment law matters including, among other things, workplace conduct, employee performance and discipline; sexual harassment; labor and union contracts; Title VII discrimination matters involving disability, race, age, national origin, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Ms. Phillips has conducted extensive employee training and represented companies and employees in arbitrations, mediations and negotiations regarding personnel policies.

In addition to her extensive work experience in employment law, Ms. Phillips has a long term involvement in the sport of soccer as a player, coach, club manager and tournament administrator. She is a trustee and current member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern New York State Adult Soccer Association and was recently elected League Commissioner of the New York Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League. She currently serves as general manager of the New York Magic women’s soccer organization and is the former President and Games Commissioner of the New York Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League. Many female collegiate student-athletes and recruits train and compete (in their off seasons) in the soccer organization managed Ms. Phillips. In addition, Ms. Phillips has provided and monitored collegiate student-athlete internships within the New York Magic soccer organization. Her involvement in all aspects of team management, operations and event management enable her to provide invaluable advice and perspective with respect to collegiate sports activities as both a sports administrator and as an attorney.